Tips To Help Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Companies Pull Off Great Holiday Events Year After Year!

coffee at christmasA great holiday event requires a lot of preplanning so it’s really never too early to make arrangements for your holiday party. Planning a Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky holiday party doesn’t have to be a stressful process if you give yourself enough time to plan it!

The Date You Pick and the Timing of Invitations is HUGE!

Take great thought into when your party should take place for it to be best attended. Make sure to give everyone at least 6 weeks notice with your invitations.

Know Your Audience and Be Inclusive

What kind of party do you want to have? And who is your Audience? What are they accustomed to? Will the rank and file of the electricians union want caviar at the table? Probably not! You can’t make everyone happy but variety is the best way to make sure everyone gets a bit of what they are looking for. Do you need to make dietary accommodations to provide vegan, sugar-free or gluten-free options. Make sure there are also non-alcoholic drink options.

Shake Up Your Food Offerings To Bring More Energy To Your Party

You want everyone to mingle so don’t make everyone sit with the same 8 people all night.  Food stations are a great way to take the formality out of dinner and will prompt more conversations. Maybe have different cultural and ethnic flavors at your stations to make sure everyone is happy.  Maybe some guests will like to try things they usually wouldn’t dare trying. Always be thinking about adding energy to your event and increasing the potential for networking. Don’t allow food to get in the way!

Don’t Forget to Have Some Entertainment

Music is usually a large part of a fun evening and a great DJ or band can take your party to the next level. If music isn’t the right combination for your event, how about a comedian, dance crew or acrobats for your event. This will keep your guest talking for weeks to come.

Activities are Fun

Maybe a photo booth with fun holiday props. Maybe a gingerbread man cookie decorating station. Who knows? Get creative! Guests with short attention spans or those who aren’t as talkative will appreciate the activities and use them as icebreakers. It’s best to not make the activities mandatory.  Let those who enjoy them… do them!

Avoid Heavy Drinking Situations and Also Offer Non Alcoholic Beverages

Some like liquor but also remember that everyone doesn’t drink alcohol. Coffee, Smoothies, and other types of drink are a great option to keep all of your guest happy.

Great Tips from the Catering Manager of the Edgewater Restaurant in Madison Wisconsin… 

Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky holiday event! Specialty Coffee drinks and Smoothies are a great way to take your event up a notch and to give your guests an extra boost so they can get their groove on!

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