My Employees Need a Morale Boost! Tips on Keeping a Happy Staff…

A happy employee is a more productive employee and let’s face it… who wants to work with a bunch of cranks! It’s a leader’s job to cultivate focused, motivated, and happy employees because it’s contagious and good for both the company and the staff. The following are tips to help keep workers more happy and appreciated throughout the year.

Celebrate Personal and Company Wins!

If you have a reason to celebrate a personal or company win then make it happen! It’s always a good idea to let your staff know that you value them as both a person and an employee. If the team has rose to the occasion then let them know you value their work. Tip: Don’t always use these occasions to single out the superstar because events like those can backfire. Make them team events.

  • Mobile Coffee or Smoothie Bar for the Day
  • Pizza Party
  • Cake and Ice Cream

Value and Nurture Your Staff’s Input

Encourage the sharing of ideas. This will be most productive for your staff and the company if your staff is well informed. A lot of bad morale stems from people feeling like they’re not important enough to know what’s really going on with the company. Make sharing a two way street!

Focus on a Comfortable Work Area

Open the blinds and let the sun light in. Keep the office at a comfortable level. Make sure the office is cleaned regularly and that staff keep their spaces uncluttered. Nice chairs and the right technology to get the job done go a long way to keeping morale at a high level.

Break Up the Work Day

Even if it’s just giving people 30 minutes to walk around the block. Get them out of the office to keep the cabin fever to a low. Make it mandatory so your workaholics or brown nosers don’t take advantage of the break for the wrong reasons. When you can get people to interact with each other, it’s always a plus and it breaks up the long day.

  • Maybe a trivia game about the staff (keep it respectful!)
  • Bring in a Coffee Bar for Break
  • Bring in a Smoothie Bar for Break
  • Bring in Lunch

Good Morale is All About Trust

  1. Trust Their Capabilities Allow staff to make decisions and be involved in important discussions. Value their input and their opinions.
  2. Keep Their Trust Through Contracts and Expectations – Make sure to honor any agreements or contracts with made with the staff. Always manage employee expectations from the first so they can be ready for what happens. Nobody likes bad surprises.
  3. Keep Their Trust through Communication and Respect –  Keep your staff up to date with the latest goings on of your company so they have the latest information to make good decisions. Also, provide constructive feedback and don’t speak or allow others to speak poorly of other staff.

Small Gestures Count

Thanking employees face-to-face when it’s deserved will go a long way and will help when it’s also time for a bit of constructive criticism.

Team Building Exercises

Maybe is a scavenger hunt through the office or maybe it’s bowling. Maybe it’s something like laser tag. Make sure to mix the teams so everyone has a chance to bond with new staff or people from different departments.

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