Companies Witness a 591% Increase In Engagement When Their Employees Give Recognition, Receive Recognition, and Observe Recognition!

During their careers, most employees will spend more time at work than they will in any other activity, except sleeping. So why aren’t we celebrating great accomplishment more often in the one place where average people are achieving great things every single day-at the office. Why aren’t more companies making appreciation and recognition more of a priority? A global study by the O.C. Tanner Institute proves that appreciation and recognition is the number one thing employees say their managers could do to inspire great work. When employees participate in all three aspects of recognition moment-meaning they give recognition, receive recognition, and observe recognition-companies witness a 591% increase of employees why say they are engaged. If all of this makes you think about how you should spend more time focusing on how to show your appreciation the perfect time is now to plan an appreciation celebration. Here are a few tips that can help you turn your employee appreciation celebration into an impactful event.

Big Appreciation Doesn’t Need a Big Budget 

This does not have to be a big budget. This means make a big fuss about how important the day is. Surprise your team with a 2:00 p.m. Coffee and smoothie bar and maybe have a make your own cookie table and just sit back and watch the good vibes and appreciation fill the air. Do this on a Friday and after the festivities let the employees go home early.

Communication is Key

Take the opportunity to deliver a meaningful message to your team. Talk about the accomplishments you have achieved as a group. Tell them how they play a critical role.

Create a New Company Culture

Use this event to start fresh by making a promise to your team that you will be better every day at recognizing their efforts, rewarding their results and celebrating their career milestones.

After you’ve shown your appreciation and support to employees, don’t forget to continue your efforts. When an employee goes above and beyond on a project, tell him or her how much you appreciate their efforts. When the team achieves a difficult objective or metric, celebrate the accomplishment. Give spot awards for outstanding work.

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