Tips To Having a Successful Political Candidate Fundraising Event in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky!

political fundraisingFundraising events are essential to raising money for Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky political campaigns. Other than personal calls from the candidates themselves, these events do the heavy fundraiser lifting for their candidates. The best strategy to is have as many events in as many locations as possible so you can meet all of your target networks where they are most comfortable. Make the events near their homes and offer different financial levels for different types of contributors.

Share the Work With a Host Committee

Use a host committee for each event and let them handle the details of the event. Stay in good communication with your host committees. That’s the key to political fundraising events. Your host committee’s first goal is inviting contacts that can help your campaign. knowing that your host committee’s network of contacts would be tough to reach without them involved. The host committee will also help plan, set-up, and pay for the event in most cases. Your events can live or die based on your host committee!

Everyone Involved Needs to Know The Purpose of Your Event 

Is this just a fundraising event or are their other goals? Maybe the event is for publicity as much as fundraising. Once you know the goals of the event, you will develop the details of the party to reach your goals.

What is the Fundraising Goal?

What do you want to walk away with after expenses. Keep this in mind for everything you do and every expense you incur. Also know that it takes money to provide a good time for those who are going to donate to the campaign. Make sure to have a slush fund for those unexpected expenses that show up at the last minute.

Get the Right People to the Event

Make sure the people that agree with you are present. Make sure that those you are trying to convince and that you have a shot at convincing are there. Make sure the press are invited.

Event Setup and Marketing

Plan the event well in advance so the invitations can be sent in time. Nail down the date, time, place and itinerary early on in the process. Then move onto entertainment, food, and more. Do you have speciality coffee drinks and smoothies? Donors will expect more than just coffee out of the pot or soft drinks. Do you have a beverage option for those that don’t want to drink alcohol? Is your food setup so that people can mingle or will it keep them in their seats to often. You want your guests mixing with others and listening to what you have to say. Your event choices will make sure the mix is just right.

Sales & Marketing

How are you going to get the word out? Online, Newspapers, Word of Mouth, etc.? Then you will need to sell tickets and figure how to ship or deliver them. Who will sit with who and how will that be figured out?  Do you want to sell a table to a donor and then let them invite and collect from their friends?

Prepare and Have a Trial Run

There will be a bunch of moving pieces to the event, so all volunteers and staff need to know their responsibilities. A trial run of the event will be most helpful.

Thank Donors, Volunteers, and Staff After the Event

It’s easy to do and a lot of times forgotten. Don’t forget to thank your donors, volunteers, and staff. You will need them all again if you stay successful!

Over the years Valet Coffee has helped many candidates and host committees with their political fundraising events. 

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