Making Your Holiday Party Stand Out This Holiday Season

Holiday CoffeeIf you are in charge of a corporate holiday party we would like to give you a few tips about collaborating with groups. We hope these tips help make your holiday party successful and full of good cheer.

Keep it Moving

You want to encourage conversation to flow between a variety of guest rather than a few. Choose high boy tables instead of rounds of eight with chairs. Because of the limited space between those gathered at smaller tables it will promote introductions. In addition consider food stations or passing hor d’oeuvres instead of a sit down meal. If you choose properly this can same money but it also encourages your guest to mingle.

Food and Beverage Location

Setting various food and beverage stations, like coffee & smoothies, in different locations will encourage additional movement throughout the room. As guests refresh their drinks or sample food, the natural movement created by this setup gives your holiday party a cheery atmosphere.

A Festive Activity

Encourage some holiday cheer by offering an activity. Create some team-building activities to help make this more than just a typical food, drink and comment event. For Christmas you could have a tree decoration contest, or maybe a white elephant gift exchange. Christmas carol karaoke or a craft station where guest can decorate an ornament could be fun.

Encourage Conversation

Get your guests talking! Put some “break the ice” type questions at the bar on on the tables. For example, simple question such as “What was your favorite holiday gift received last Christmas?” or “Did your Grandma bake a  Christmas Ham”?. This will help the newly acquainted find common ground to talk and laugh about.

Give Back

Consider a friendly competition between departments through the company’s philanthropic effort around the holiday. Some suggestion would be collecting food for the local pantry, choosing families to supply gifts and food for Christmas, filling care packages for military personnel. At your party announce the winner of the competition and celebrate the success of the joint effort.

Choosing a Venue

Whether your group is 10 or 400 larger hotels and resorts are often better equipped to accommodate you. With a large staff, more resources and a variety of event spaces available, large venues are able to accommodate groups of all sizes and often on short notice. Even if you are hoping to host a holiday party for your business or group, but never found time to organize it, it’s not too late!!! Now is a great time to take advantage of big savings on midweek dates or in the New Year.

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