Keep Up Productivity at the Office By Embracing March Madness as an Employee Appreciation Opportunity!

basketball and coffeeMarch Madness dominates most conversations as the NCAA Basketball tournament blazes through offices all over the U.S. each March. Your company could fight it or you could use your employees enthusiasm to it’s advantage. The tournament is a great way to team build, ease tension, show that you’re human, and have fun. Add a mobile coffee and smoothie bar to the break room along with some televisions and you’ll have some happy employees. 

Team Building

Did a bunch of your employees go to the same college? Nothing promotes bonding as much as a common goal. Maybe the goal is watch a certain team go down in flames. It’s a great way to build relationships and repair some that were in trouble. Maybe have different department pick different teams with prizes for the winners.

Ease Tension

It’s hard out there and your employees jobs can be stressful. Any little respite you can give them can potentially recharge their batteries and give them the courage to get back out there to close another deal or solve another problem.

Brand Your Company’s Culture

Do you want to be the company your employees rave about or the company they complain about? Situations like March Madness give companies a way to establish their culture and brand themselves in the process. Video your employees having fun in the breakroom as they watch the games and enjoy some coffee and smoothies. Use this video in your new employee recruitment efforts or in your company enewsletter, etc.

Have Some Fun!

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Give your employees something they appreciate and look forward to each March. Sometimes you just need to slow down to speed up!

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Employees and Clients who are recognized…

  • Usually go above and beyond what is expected
  • Are more productive and motivated
  • Are more likely to stay with the company who is recognizing them

Tips For Creating Appreciation Events

Free tips for creating partner and employee appreciation events that keep the referrals pouring in and your staff happy!

Valet Coffee can help you with you next  appreciation event because we do it all the time for our clients and their partners! Ask us for some pointers and how to stand out.

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