Client Appreciation Tips – How to Host a Great Client Appreciation Event

The most important thing to remember when hosting this type of event is that if you aren’t going to do it right, don’t do it at all. Be creative, and work hard to be sure your event is successful and remembered by all. If your event is done correctly it will improve customer retention, give you good PR and increase your revenue. A few question are… how much should you spend and what activities should you plan?

Plan a Budget

With a good preliminary plan, a vision, and your sales hat on, you can usually scrape up your desired budget. There are several factors to take into account, Who- What- Where- When and Who. A good rule is to “spend time rather than money”. Personalize the experience whenever you can.

Who to Invite

Ideally you will want to invite about 75% current customers and 25% prospects. Since customers will be the overwhelming majority, prospects will be surrounded by people who can answer their questions and speak with experience about your product. Don’t forget to invite people from your own company that can positively impact your event. Any one that is “customer facing” such as service, support internal sales folks, or high level management (it always makes a great impression to have the CEO).

What Kind of an Event Will You Have?

Determine the kind of event you will be hosting. Put on your creative hat, and go where no man has gone before! Be sure to think about what your customer base would like to do as opposed to what you might like to do. This is a big mistake people make. Reach out to your top customers in advance and ask them if they have any suggestions. This not only makes them feel appreciated, but gives you one more customer touch point. There are so many activities that can be suggested. To name a few, have a picnic and play croquet, darts, karaoke, you name it. Have a day at an amusement park or a water park. Choose a local museum and have a special presentation by the Curator. Sometimes an event for 12 can be more productive than a party for thousands.

Don’t Forget Drink Catering So You Can Stand Out!

Consider Valet Coffee for your Customer Appreciation Event. Have a non-alcoholic bar. Whether your event is 10 or 150 our coffeehouse commercial expresso machine makes delicious mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. And our smoothies bar service will make your favorites with our state of the art smoothie equipment. We offer hassle free professional baristas who provide all accessories you will need. We know you and your customers will be delighted with our product and service.

Where Will You Hold Your Event

When selecting your venue, make it exciting, innovative, and local. Make sure your venue is close to your customers, and always take into consideration traffic patterns. Maybe you can plan to take your customers to a local sporting event or concert, have your appreciation event, before the entertainment. Another option is to take everyone to the event on a bus, and set up a tailgate type party prior to the event. This idea also saves your customers the cost and trouble of parking.

What kind of Invitations Will You Send?

Do not send only email invitations. If you are trying to create excitement around your event, then put together an exciting invitation and mail to each person you want to invite. Always be sure to include an RSVP, a specific time, and an explanation of the event planned. One week prior to the event, call all participants with a reminder. After this is done, follow up with email and social media.

Make it Different

The most obvious is to show your clients that your objective is different from all the other events that crowd their calendar. So rather than generating the reaction “Oh, another cocktail party where I’ll be faced with sales pitches disguised as awkward conversation and over-eating,” go for something else. Make your event special. Always make it personal. Perhaps you craft a thank you for attending card, in which you write short personal messages to each client and thank them. Whatever you decide, make it personal.

Keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your next Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky client appreciation event! 

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