12 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Love…

What if we told you we knew a secret weapon to reducing employee turnover? A study by CareerBuilders found that 50% of employees would stay if they were tangibly recognized. Another study revealed that 40% of employees who “do not feel meaningfully recognized will not go above their formal responsibilities to get the job done. Whether you want to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary or a company milestone, it pays to have creative employee appreciation ideas . So how do you show employee appreciation? Here we would like to list employee appreciation ideas you can pull together with little planning…

Celebrate Birthdays

If your staff doesn’t mind (some may want to fly under the radar on their birthday), celebrate their birthdays! Cater in Coffee and Smoothies from Valet Coffee and get a cake or lunch so everyone in the office can take part. Give the employee a day off that they can use whenever they want in the future.

Throw a Theme Party

Have a party to unwind. Employees would love a swag bag, They most certainly appreciate walking away with a bag full of free knickknacks and other useful items. Everyone loves a little gift. Pick a theme and celebrate recent successes. Have theme decoration and theme catering for your party. Don’t forget to cater in Coffee and Smoothies from Valet Coffee!

Ask Your Employees What They Like For Appreciation

Survey your staff. Ask them what they’d like from you as far as how you show you appreciate them. You may be surprised at the results and you can feel confident that you’re rewarding your team with something they will value.

Cheers From Peers

Make it easy for your staff to show appreciation for each other. Coworkers are aware of more than you might think during the day-to-day activities. Give them a chance to call out the positive things people are doing so they come to your attention, as well as everyone else’s attention. Peer recondition can feel just as good as a thumbs-up from a manager.

Happy Hour with Some Entertainment

Amp up your wine and beer happy hour with karaoke, live music, a ping pong tournament, some trivia games to keep conversation flowing. Cater in Coffee and Smoothies from Valet Coffee

Encourage Mentoring

Mentoring is a wonderful two-way street. If done right, mentoring programs afford experience staff a place of importance and authority, and new staff a sense of caring and security. When done correctly and is a cyclical program where the mentored someday become the mentors, it’s a way of showing your staff you trust and appreciate them.

Staff Appreciation Day

Take your company on a team-building outing. Who says you’re locked into the holidays on the calendar? Why not create your own, dedicated specifically to staff appreciation? If you’re really gutsy, you might even close the shop and let the world know that you and your staff are off on their special day. A good approach is to do something together. Have a joke awards ceremony. Spend a day at the lake having a barbecue. Take everyone on a river boat cruise. Whatever it is, make it a high point of the year that your staff looks forward to. And always cater in Coffee and Smoothies from Valet Coffee!

Give Back

Whether it’s through green energy, volunteer hours, or donations, let your staff know that the work they are doing is not only appreciated by you, but by the community at large. You want people who are civic minded, who care about others, on your staff. So, when you have staff so inclined, make it easy for them to help others. Whether you help them start a food drive at the office, bring kids to work to learn about the business, or take a week off to build houses, encourage them. Show them you appreciate their concern about the world around you.

Rethink Your Break Room

Is It time to rethink of what the room is for. It’s to to give your staff a break. Maybe a fresh coat of paint is in order. Your break room can be so much more than just a place to eat a meal. What if it was also a library? A gamer station? A place where people could listen to music or read a book, or play a game with others on staff? A place with comfortable chairs? When you take your break room to the next level, you start to open the door to things like staff book clubs, or encouraging further education. You create a welcoming place to truly get away from work and refresh. Cater in Coffee and Smoothies from Valet Coffee as a special thank you. 

Welcome Wellness

Look for ways to encourage your employees to take care of themselves. If you do not have room for a company gym launch a step competition or schedule walking meetings.

Bring On the Food Trucks

If you have food trucks in your area, why not give them a call and have them regularly park near your business? Whether you help cover the cost for the meals in full or through reward coupons, it’s a fun perk that breaks up the usual brown paper bag lunch. Cater in Coffee and Smoothies from Valet Coffee to drink while they eat. 

Just Say Thank-You More

Some owners take for granted that employees are there to do the work tasked to them, and think that because it is expected, there is no need for a thank you. A thank you, whether the work is required or not, is such a simple way to show appreciation. You might not think it matters, but there is a noticeable attitude difference between a staff whose boss genuinely thanks them periodically compared to one where the staff never hears it. While not everyone needs a “thank you” to do a good job, many do. It won’t hurt those who don’t need to hear it, but it will mean much to those who do.

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