10 Office Party Ideas That Are Sure to Entertain…

As the business owner, you have the responsibility of coming up with a great holiday party idea for your office. It can be easier than you think. While not a requirement, throwing an end-of-year holiday party is a nice fringe benefit that doesn’t have to cost a lot but is a great way to show your employees that you care. Don’t stress over the planning, though—we’ve put together a list of fun, creative, office holiday party ideas. That way, you can spend less time in planning-mode and more time in party-mode. Let’s get this party started and don’t forget to cater in come great coffee and smoothies!

Movie-themed Dishes

Celebrate Movies. Plan a catering menu with Coffee and Smoothies and decorations themed for your favorite movies! If it’s Christmas time, maybe roast beef is a nod to the roast beast in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Blue Milk for Star Wars, Cafeteria Food for Top Gun, and on and on. 

Host a Retro Game Night

Old-school board games, like Parcheesi, Guess Who? Monopoly, Jenga, and Operation. Keep fun prizes on hand for the winning players or teams. Double up on the nostalgia by serving comforting, seasonal snacks and coffee and smoothies.

Live Magician

Most everyone gets a kick out of a magician, caricaturist, a palm reader for an hour or so to entertain your group. It can work on a stage or just by walking round the room performing tricks or individually performing their talent while people socialize.

Give Back

Volunteer Your Time, Money, or Meals. Put any money raised at the party toward a certain charity, deliver meals to the needy, help out at a soup kitchen, etc. 

Slide Show

Ask your team to submit photos or video clips (screened ahead of time, of course). Then surprise them at the event with a thoughtful slide show.

Food and Beverage Location

Setting various food and beverage stations, like coffee & smoothies, in different locations will encourage additional movement throughout the room. As guests refresh their drinks or sample food, the natural movement created by this setup gives your party a cheery atmosphere.

Rent a Photo Booth

It is a universally acknowledged truth that everyone loves a photo booth. Regardless of your office party’s theme (or lack thereof), a photo booth is a surefire way to lighten the mood and bring out your guests’ goofy side; plus, lots of photo booth rental companies can provide fun, themed props.

Host a Brunch Instead

If you want to switch things up from your standard evening party, consider organizing a festive brunch gathering, instead. Find a food and drink caterers who can offer French toast, cinnamon buns, and quiches, as well as health-conscious options, like a smoothie, or oatmeal bowl station. Don’t forget the coffee, mimosas, and Bloody Marys, too. You’ll need to be willing to give your employees the morning or day off for this one (especially if you offer those mimosas or Bloodys), but a brunch might be a better option if you have employees with children, as they won’t need to find a babysitter to accommodate an evening party.

Give Out Door Prizes

Door prizes make a welcome addition to any company party. Who doesn’t love winning something? Think about what kind of prizes fit your budget and what your employees will appreciate most.

Shine a Light

This idea gives an award to your coworkers small but heroic deeds. It is time for the person who is always making coffee, who always has a smile on their face, who is the one who always volunteers. Make a box and have employees jot down who they appreciate on their team and why. Make a big deal out of of the ceremony.

Are You Inspired to Throw a Great Holiday Party This Year?

Whatever your budget, company culture, and employees are like, there’s a party idea out there that’s perfect for your team. Use this as a starting point to spark your creativity. Foster a sense of good will and friendship at your party, and it will be sure to be a memorable one.

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