Tips On How To Plan a Successful Open House to Market Your Business Or Products

Are you trying to promote a new product, introduce a new manager to the community, or foster some new clients through business networking? The open house may have more than one purpose, but make sure that you incorporate information and activities to promote that goal. If you are opening a new business one simple way to publicize the existence of your new business is to conduct an open house. The purpose is to invite community members, potential customers and business associates into your place of business.

Set the Date

After your business location is established, furnished, stocked and prepared to accept guest is the time to set a date for your open house. Then set the date to officially tell the community your are open for business.

Set a Budget

Take the time to really design your event and set a budget. If you don’t create an open house budget, you may find you spent a lot more than you intended.

Products or Services to Feature

Demonstrations are probably the best way to help consumers understand why your product or service is better and offers ample time to talk about pricing, discounts, and special offers. If your public speaking skills aren’t the best, try hiring a professional pitcher or see if any of your staff possess the talent of pitching. Make sure you hold more than one demo to ensure all visitors to your open house get a chance to attend. People love personal attention so use that to your advantage during your open house. Invite an attendee to help you demonstrate, wear, or try your product or service. Make it fun by connecting with the user.

Create a Program

Include an introduction from the owner, the key team members and a short discussion of your products or services. Offer free services to the first 10 attendees or hold a free drawing for a product or service. If you opt for the free drawing route, make sure your raffle tickets have a space for telephone numbers and an email or snail mail address. Use those collected addresses and phone numbers to make contacts after the event.

Food and Drinks

Make your refreshments simple. Think about a coffee bar, delicious chocolate mochas, luscious lattes and steamy cappuccinos are very popular. Add a smoothie bar as a choice; so many delicious flavors are available. Add some fruit and cookies or cheese and vegetables and your menu is complete. 

Advertise Your Business Open House

If you’re a Chamber of Commerce member, ask them to advertise your event to other members on their website and newsletter. Invite chamber members to stop by and mingle with the crowd. Send a formal invitation to your list of contacts. Encourage each invitee to invite at least two other people to attend. Place a large sign “OPEN HOUSE” poster in front of your place of business. If you invite a local celebrity from a radio or TV station ask them to announce your open house.

NOTE: These business open house ideas will be effective but only if you follow-up and connect with your current and potential customers to build a client base

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