Tips On How To Make Your Grand Opening One Your Potential Customers and Partners Will Attend…

grand openingWho Do You Want to Attend your Grand Opening?

Who are the typical customers who will frequent your business? Try to find a partner with a complementary non-competing business that already has the customers you are looking for. Give them a reason to promote your grand opening by offering their customers something of value, which will give your partner kudos for bringing it to their attention.

Schedule the Grand Opening at a Downtime

Avoid dates and times near holidays or other activities. Have it at time that your target audience can attend.

Marketing Your Event is Key!

Social media, signs, advertisements, cross promotions, email marketing, word of mouth… pull out all the stops!.

Bring in People Your Potential Customers Will Trust

Have community and business leaders attend along with the local media, and other business owners that the potential customers already know and trust.

Your Guests Need Refreshments!

Serve snacks and finger food along with specialty coffee and smoothies. Food and drink stations are great places for people to network and they will love the free refreshments!

Have Activities / Make It Fun 

Plan events and activities for guests like a ribbon cutting. Bring your products and services into the activities where possible. Give trials when possible. If you have contests, then award contestants with items that will bring them back to your store or to you.

Special Pricing / Giveaways

Offer discounts and special pricing at the grand opening event. Giveaways and prize drawing always help with attendance. Make sure it’s all mentioned in the your marketing.

Consider bringing Valet Coffee to make your grand opening or product launch to make it a greater success!

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