Business Coach, Tandy Pryor (Cincinnati, Ohio)

p1Business Coach, Tandy Pryor, Recommends Her Business Clients to Use Valet Coffee to Show Appreciation To Their Employees and Clients!

The companies that hire Valet Coffee for their appreciation events know that it is good for business when they recognize their employees for a job well done and their clients for their loyalty.

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Employees and Clients who are recognized…

  • Usually go above and beyond what is expected
  • Are more productive and motivated
  • Are more likely to stay with the company who is recognizing them

Tandy Pryor, a personal empowerment coach, instructs her business clients to use companies like Valet Coffee to show appreciation to clients and staff

Tandy Pryor in her words…

Tandy Pryor

I love when I show up to an event and Marilyn is there with Valet Coffee!! I really do love good coffee and espresso shots and her drinks are Excellent! As a coach I see so much value in Valet Coffee’s concept. Creating an environment that makes people feel special makes for happy employees and happy clients. What an asset Valet Coffee is to any company that wants to show their employees or their clients that they really matter.

Tandy Pryor, Personal Empowerment Coach
Tandy Pryor Coaching

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Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your next Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky appreciation event! 

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Valet Coffee is a full service, mobile espresso and smoothie bar. It’s a unique way to impress customers, appreciate employees and kick up any special event to the next level. Our professional baristas will bring the taste and feel of an authentic European coffee house. We do all the work, all you have to do is entertain. Valet Coffee’s mobile espresso and smoothie bars are one of Greater Cincinnati’s best marketing tools.
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