Best Ways to Thank Your Partners or Clients for a Referral That Turns Into a New Customer

Giving Credit CardThe lifeblood of most businesses are the referrals they receive from partners and clients. It is best to not take referrals for granted because the people referring you today don’t have to refer you at all and you want them to refer you again Having a good relationship and being trusted by your referral partner is the foundation to your referral success. Staying top of mind with your referral partners and making sure they can speak well about your offerings are very important aspects of keeping a good referral relationship. The following are the best ways we know to thank your partners and clients for their referrals and cultivate more of them in the future. 

Send a Simple Note

A quick note sent in the mail still makes an impression. It lets your referral partner know you thought about them and took the time to send an “old school” thank-you note.

Give a Token of Appreciation

A small gift card or certificate is always a nice touch when it make financial sense.

Thank Them On the Phone

Just like a note a thank-you phone call that is brief is a nice touch and very appreciated!

Organize an Appreciation Event

A mobile Coffee and Smoothies bar always goes over well at a partners place of business or yours! It is a great way to thank a referral partner for the business they’ve sent your way, especially when the referrals work from team to team. You and your team can participate in the gift and build relationships at the same time. You can bet their whole team will remember your valued relationship (and the party!) next time a lead comes up.

Thank Them Out To Lunch

Who doesn’t like a free lunch! Build your relationship over an hour lunch and thank them for their business by picking up the bill.

Valet Coffee can help you with you next referral appreciation party because we do it all the time for our clients and their partners! Ask us for some pointers and how to stand out.

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