7 Tips for Providing a Great VIP Client Meeting Experience…

Do you want your event to stand out from the crowd? When you succeed in making your clients feel valued and special, you will have transformed yourself from the rest of the pack. Create an experience that is more than just an event. It will be an exclusive gathering where your top clients can walk away feeling like they were just treated to something special.

Tips For Creating That Standout, VIP Experience…

Invite Only Your Best Clients

Limit your guest list to ensure a feeling of exclusivity.  Keep your headcount manageable.

Schedule a Breakfast Meeting

Busy people like morning events. This timeframe allows your clients to attend without disrupting their work schedule for the day.

Provide Great Drinks – Coffee, Espresso, and Smoothies

Bring the coffeehouse experience to your guests. Provide gourmet coffee drinks and smoothies with elegant aesthetics and unparalleled service. Espresso and smoothie bars are a bold and sophisticated addition to any event. Valet Coffee has you covered!

Create a Luxurious Atmosphere

The aim is to make invitees feel special, so think about what would elevate the event to a memorable experience for your clients. Include specialty items like a delicious coffee bar with a friendly barista.  Opting for a breakfast theme, you can have delicious options like bite-size quiche, fresh fruit, gourmet donuts, pastries, and smoothies.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s not the amount of time you spend but the quality of the time you spend. Make sure your VIP guests are getting the most out of their time with you. Be time-sensitive, share event timelines, and schedules well in advance so they can prepare. Build-in time for work amongst their play as VIPs didn’t get there without hard work!

Book a Speaker

Depending on your event and budget, you might want to consider inviting a celebrity to your VIP event. Make sure you bring in figures who are notable to your audience and who would make your VIPs excited to attend. Sometimes a single name is all it takes to give a VIP event the buzz it deserves. Or maybe just an exclusive fireside chat. Give VIP attendees a more personal experience with a speaker. This gives them a chance to have their questions and comments addressed in a more intimate environment.

Provide a Simple Giveaway That Provides Value

Finding gift ideas for VIP guests is difficult even when you know the recipients. Giveaways do not have to be big and fancy.  You could gift attendees with a book, either authored by the speaker or on a topic relevant to the talk.  This token gives your VIP clients a reminder of the experience you gave them.

When competition is stiff, and technology is automating services left and right – what makes you stand apart from the rest? Providing a VIP, white-glove client experience that will leave a lasting impression. It is important to never forget that you are in the industry! The experience your clients have will make or break your sphere of influence, and amazing experiences can build the foundation for a lasting, thriving business. The experience will tell them that you value them and want to share a unique experience with them.

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