Wedding Tips – A Chronological Checklist To Putting On a Great Bridal Shower!

Bridal showers need to be fun and need to have something for ALL types of guests and tastes. The bridal shower or couples shower isn’t your wedding but you will still want to make sure you though everything out and planned accordingly. The following a is an easy checklist to follow that will help you step by step in planning your bridal shower…

3+ Months Before the Shower

  • Type of Event – Should it be an all women shower or a couples shower? Should it be an afternoon tea or a Saturday night party? What style? What color? Should it be at a restaurant, a home, or a destination (spa, winery, etc.)?
  • Set the Date – Most showers take place a month or two before the wedding but if you have a bunch of out of town guests, wait until they can all be there. 
  • Make Reservations – Places book up fast so don’t be left without a good option if you are having it outside a home. Make catering reservations now also if you are having it at home or if you are having an special catering options that the restaurant doesn’t provide like special coffees or smoothies. 

2 Months Before the Shower

  • Save the Date Communications – Send save-the-date emails or make calls to important guests or out of town guests to make sure you don’t have any major scheduling conflicts. 
  • Establish Your Budget – Who is paying for this event. Find out the budget from that person or group. 
  • Create Invitations – Purchase or make bridal shower invitations. 
  • Finalize Decisions – Now that you have a budget, make your final decision about table linens, flowers, food, drinks, decorations, party favors, music, activities, etc. 
  • Compile Your Guest List – Make your final list of guests a know their addresses to be able to send the invitations. 
  • Create a To-Do List – Create a list of all the tasks that need to be completed to make the shower happen and then assign those tasks to volunteers. 

1 Month Before the Shower

  • Send Invitations – Assemble, address, and mail invitations. Make sure to add information about the gift registry! If there is a theme make sure those instructions or suggestions are also sent in the invitation. 
  • Shop For Supplies – You will need decorations, paper good, and party props.
  • Shop for the Party Favors – Get the favors at least 1 month ahead of time.

2 Weeks Before the Shower

  • Order Flowers
  • Purchase the Brides Shower Gift
  • Assemble/Wrap Party Favors

1 Week Before the Shower

  • Confirm Food Catering Menu (or guests bring certain items)
  • Confirm Drink Catering Menu (specialty coffees, smoothies, beer, liquor, softdrinks, etc.)
  • Confirm Entertainment (DJs, Music, Pamperings, etc.)
  • Confirm RSVPs
  • Create a Floor Plan 
  • Organize Shower Games and Activities

One Day Before the Shower

  • Check on Tasks – Contact the Bridesmaids and other volunteers to confirm they have completed their tasks
  • Run Last Minute Errands
  • Contact the Facility or Homeowner To Confirm Access Times – You will need enough time to decorate, receive equipment, receive food and drink catering companies, etc. 

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