Top Tips For Hosting An Amazing Holiday Open House


The holidays are supposed to be a time of the year when you can relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. And while most people do spend time with their friends and family members throughout the holiday season, events often turn into a source of a stress instead of something that’s truly enjoyable. The reason this scenario is so common is because people inadvertently create events that are just too hectic. Whether it’s because they’re trying to serve too many people food at the same time or finding a time when everyone can come together seems like mission impossible, the holidays can quickly become a massive drain on your energy and excitement.

Take the Pressure Off Holiday Planning This Year

If you want to enjoy all the social aspects of the holidays without the pressure or stress, the good news is there’s a proven solution. That solution is host a holiday open house. Instead of feeling like you need a spreadsheet to help make sense of everyone’s schedules, all you have to do for this event is pick a Saturday or Sunday afternoon that’s close to Christmas. Then starting around 1 or 2 PM, you can open your home to everyone you want to catch up with.

A Holiday Open House

Since the concept of an open house is that people are free to come and go for the six or more hours it lasts, you take the pressure off yourself and everyone else. If certain people aren’t able to make it until later in the evening, no one will feel bad. And if someone has to leave fairly early, they won’t have to feel guilty about doing so. Thanks to the more casual nature of a holiday open house, you and everyone else will get to actually focus on enjoying each other’s company. To keep this event as stress-free as possible, here are three key tips to keep in mind:

Set the Right Tone with the Invitations

Because one of the main goals of this event is to keep things casual and free of stress, be sure to set that tone with the invitations you send out. By letting people know that they really are free to come and go whenever they want, you won’t have to worry about anyone feeling any unnecessary scheduling pressure.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Menu

Great tasting food doesn’t have to be complicated. There are tons of great dips and other finger foods which you can easily buy or make and will taste great throughout the whole event.

The Simple Way to Put a Big Smile on Everyone’s Face

Just because this event is going to be casual and laid back doesn’t mean you can’t do something really cool. If you want your event to have an element that everyone can enjoy, you can’t go wrong with our mobile espresso + smoothie bar. Making this addition to your open house will allow everyone who comes to savor the perfect treat without requiring you to do any extra work.

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