Suggestions On How You Can Use Coffee, Esspresso, and Smoothies at Your Next Corporate Event or Tradeshow…

There’s just something about good coffee that speaks class, care, and everything pleasant and satisfying. So with the help of that delicious brew, you can transform space in your brick and mortar store. The coffee bar will attract more customers to your location. If on the other hand, you are hosting a corporate event or tradeshow you will want more than the coffee bar. Add some decor and some music and some great snacks. These elements will be part of your corporate branding and will convey who you are as an organization.

For Corporate Events

What can an espresso bar say about your company? It can communicate to your guest that you go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Top-notch food and drinks create a lasting impression, one that conveys quality and attention to the finer points of the guest’s experience. Instead of the mediocre coffee urn coffee, attendees can savor a gourmet cup of coffee served by a friendly barista. The reason for your event is for the connections made. It turns out that coffee is a potent bonding potion. No matter the location there is power in the conversations and partnerships forged over cups of coffee. When planning your next corporate event thin about the memorable element you can add to convey who you are as a company.

For Retail Events

Make it more than the same old shopping trip. The bar becomes a little oasis, an island of retreat and refreshment away from the focused bustle. People relax for a few minutes, catch their breath and reorder their thoughts, or colleagues catch up with friendly chatter and banter. They become calmed and refueled. They will be more energized to do a little shopping and purchase items in your store.

For Tradeshows

  • Making an impression – Making a splash with your presentation can make your first impression a lasting impression for your potential clients. It is time to be creative. When setting up your event or booth make sure to use imagery that resonates with your clients. Folks take note of these details to be sure. A few top-notch snacks and the best java you can find will create a relaxing atmosphere for your clients. By giving your clients a place to relax, you are creating an inviting atmosphere while highlighting your brand. Good food and drink create a great atmosphere for a great conversation about your product. 
  • Bring the experience – Are you wondering about the best ways to build up the crowd? Coffee makes a potent bonding potion, one thing everyone needs at a trade show is coffee and great coffee at your booth will be talked about by clients. Word of mouth get around at a trade show or a corporate event. While the folks stand around to enjoy their brew, it is the perfect time to strike up a conversation about your brand. Everyone is more willing to chat when they sip an espresso.
  • Spread the word – Now that you have created an event or an inviting booth at a trade show it is time to spread the word. Here are some best practices for using hashtags to promote your tradeshow or event online…
    • Always do your research first to see if and how the hashtag is currently being used
    • Make sure the hashtag is relevant
    • Make the hashtag easy to spell and remember
    • If you want to track a specific campaign with a hashtag, make sure it is not generic, so you know it is a response to your campaign.
    • For a short-term special show promotion, you could consider offering an incentive for using the hashtag

This way, you are building up your brand’s exposure while contributing to the trade shop or corporate event online presence.

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