Meeting Planner Tips – How Meeting Planners Can Deal With High Meeting Space Costs and Unrealistic Expectations

meeting plannerCincinnati / Northern Kentucky meeting planners can get overwhelmed with a bunch of  tasks before meetings. Below are some tips to help them tackle 3 of the toughest problems event planners have to face…

Meeting Space Is a Sellers’ Market

The price of meeting space just keeps increasing. Hotel and other meeting spaces can’t keep up with the demand. So meeting space providers are being very selective with who they will allow to book their spaces. They want to only cater to the most profitable of events. One way planners can find space is to be flexible with their dates and arrangements. Another way to make your group more appealing is to find ways to help the meeting space more revenue before and after the meeting.

Unrealistic Expectations By Attendees and Your Company

Company heads can be unrealistic with their demands on event planners. It’s in a meeting planner’s best interest to make clients and bosses understand the changing landscape of booking events. A better informed client or boss will better understand the situation and not over promised attendees and such. It’s always best for an event planner to understand the event’s history and to be involved in the creation of the RFP. This better helps the meeting planner to explain what is and what isn’t possible, given the facility’s capabilities and the client’s budget.

Collecting The Right Data The First Time

Attendees need to give a good amount of information before an event and the validity of that information is very important so things run smoothly. A misspelled name or wrong choice of meal can complicate things quickly and  reflect bad on the meeting planner. One way to address this is to have the attendee “put some skin” in the game. Maybe inform them of the consequences of filling out the information before hand. Explain change fees that will need to be charged for errors if the information is submit wrong. Explain why the fees much be charged, because you will be charged for wrong information. It’s a balancing act and you don’t want to come off too strict or too lenient. Find a balance that works best for you and your attendees.

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