How to Cultivate Your Current Customers To Get More Referrals From Them

client events coffeeWhy do we work so long and hard to acquire a customer and then almost immediately move on to chase another?  Why don’t companies deepen their relationships with those who have been with them in the long term? So how do you start cultivating your current clients to help you grow your business? You start with client appreciation events. It just takes a small event to say thank you and to make your current clients feel appreciated!

Reasons to Cultivate Your Current Clients

  • It’s really expensive to chase after new clients
  • It’s easier to grow your business through warm referrals from existing clients.

Appreciation Events Allow You To…

  • Increase your engagement with your clients
  • Build rapport outside office
  • Get to know your clients’ friends and families

More Referrals

It’s human nature to think about those we are engaged with regularly. A deeper relationship with your clients will prevent them from leaving you on a whim. When you give great service and have great relationships with your clients, more referrals are a natural byproduct. The events will allow you to meet the friends and family have been asking your client about.

Client Appreciation Event Ideas

Client appreciation events don’t have to be extremely costly or involved. Keep these events as simple as possible. Think of events where clients would bring their friends and family along with them. Hold events that foster conversations, deepen relationships, and encourage referrals….

  • A Wine or Bourbon or Craft Beer Tasting – An informal setting with some structure but it’s essentially a cocktail party. Maybe have it at a trendy place in town where your clients would surely like to visit.
  • Golf Outing – 4 people playing for 5+ hours, meeting the full group before and after the event. That’s pure networking! A mixed couples event would allow for 8 people to play together. Even better in the right circumstances.
  • Coffee Party – Tell clients that you’ll your staff on hand to answer all their questions at a coffee party. Coffee, Smoothies, and pastries will provide a lively conversation. Coffee parties are informal, inexpensive and fun. You could bring a mobile coffee bar to your office and have an open house of sorts also. Mobile coffee and smoothie bars can be an added complement to almost any event that you can imagine.

Keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your next Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky client appreciation event! 

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