Employee Appreciation Tips – How to Create a Successful Company Picnic or Party For Your Employees. See Video…

Valet Coffee has served the employees and friends of many Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky companies over the years. We’ve seen good parties and picnics and we’ve seen some real stinkers! The following are some ideas that we know can give a stale company picnic or party a little pizazz!

Timing and Structure Are Key To a Successful Event

If the event is on-site, make sure to have it at the end of the day so people don’t grab a piece of cake and head back to their desks. You’re having the party to get everybody together in one place to have some fun and celebrate. Make sure to have some activities planned to keep it all moving and on target. Games are alway popular and some gift cards or prizes can keep it interesting!

Speech! Speech! The Boss Has to Talk!

Make sure the boss has prepared his comments. There should be something funny, something inspiring and something real in the speech. Not too long and not just a simple “thanks for coming” either.

Good Drinks Are a Must

Want something cool and nutritious for your company picnic? Smoothies are great option! Smoothies are made with fresh fruit like strawberries, banana, mangoes, and more. Need something to keep everyone’s motor running? A delicious chocolate mochas may be in order or how about a luscious latte or steamy cappuccino! Coffee and Smoothies will cover your bases for those who don’t want a drink that contains alcohol or a soft drink.

Everybody Loves Tee Shirts

Create some tee shirts for prizes or for everyone.  They won’t break the bank, they promote the company a bit, and remind the employees that it’s a nice place to work at throughout the year. Trophies and certificate can get dusty and lost in home offices but tee shirts get worn and often!  Have some fun with it!

Why Organizations Show Appreciation

The organizations and companies that hire Valet Coffee for their appreciation events know that it is good for business when they recognize their employees for a job well done and their clients for their loyalty.

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Volunteers, Employees, and Clients Who Are Recognized…

  • Usually go above and beyond what is expected
  • Are more productive and motivated
  • Are more likely to stay with the company who is recognizing them


Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your next Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky employee appreciation event! 

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