Custom Menus Are Great Ways to Promote Your Services or Just Lighten the Air at Events

Full Service Coffee and Smoothie Bars are always well received at corporate and private events, especially when custom menus are involved.

  • Maybe you are having a promotional event where you want to brand the different drinks as you new products and services.
  • Maybe you are thanking a client for their business by providing a coffee and smoothie bar and want to drive home your brand and new services.
  • Maybe you just want to create some fun at a private by naming the drinks after certain guests in attendance.  

With events, it’s the little things that count, so make sure to find a Cincinnati Coffee and Smoothie Bar Company who can customize their menu to make your event more memorable.


Custom Menus Suggestions… 

Corporate Events
  • Appreciation Events – Name drinks after those you are appreciating
  • Promotions (tradeshows, seminars, meetings, product/service launches, showcases, grand openings) – Name the drinks after you best known products and services
  • Holiday Events – Maybe name a drink for each department of the company or each field office.

Parties / Events

  • Weddings – Name the drinks after the Bride & Groom and key members of the wedding party
  • Fundraising Events – Thank your sponsors by naming your drinks after them
  • Entertainment Events – If it’s a play or a concert, use names of characters in the performance or songs
  • Holiday Events – Have fun with inspired names for the particular holiday
  • Bridal Showers – Name drinks after guests or have fun with names like “Cold Feet Caramel Frappe”
  • Birthdays, Family Reunions, House Parties – Name drinks after guests of honor or aspects of their personality that guests will pick up on.


Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your next party or other type event! 

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