Coffee is a Great Way For Your Guests and You To Break the Ice at Your Events!

networking-tipsStanding alone in a crowd can feel horrible and you never what your guests to feel that way. Over the years we’ve noticed how providing specialty coffee drinks to your guests can help them break the ice. Somehow that cup of coffee is a shield against all who you may not agree with.  In some cases that cup of coffee is the first thing that you can both agree on. Other invite people they want to know better to have a coffee with them.  It just works! It works for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, customer or employee appreciation events, and more. Below are some tips ways to break the ice with people that you want to meet…

Hello and a Handshake is Always the Best!

A smile, eye contact, a normal handshake and a short friendly introduction to yourself works wonders. Once you pull this off, than it’s time for the next line. Remember to build a relationship first before business. If you rush to what you WANT then you’ll be the weird pushy guy. You need to know when to advance the conversation to where you want.  It may be the next time you see them, it may be later on that night after bumping into one another 2-3 times. 

Have You Attended Before?

If this is a recurring event then this is a good ice breaker. People will understand that you are trying to figure out people’s motivations for attending. If they have then probe a bit deeper about past events. This will keep the conversation going and will build rapport. 

Are You From Here?

People love to tell their stories and where their from and why their here will tell you a bunch of what you need to know in the future. You could also find some things in common or tell them about the time you visited the place they are from.

Food and Drinks

Everyone loves drinks and food. Proclaiming you really like the drink you’re drinking or the food you’re eating will get a response and an opinion from the person you are interesting in talking to. That’s why the coffee bar and the dessert line are a great place to meet people. You could also see the food or drink they are having and ask where they got it and if it’s good. Another great way to break the ice! Buy someone a drink or offer to get one for them as they finish. 

Ask For Feedback

If you just experienced a class or presentation than ask the person what they thought about it. Don’t just ask and then go to the next question. Make sure to listen and then give you own feedback or pick up on something they said to continue the conversation. 

Complements Work!

Everyone loves a believable complement. Complement the keynote speaker on their speech. Complement someone’s choice of clothing. Compliment a person’s company if you see them wearing a name badge or something with their company on it.

Know When to Leave Them Alone

Most people are their with friends or also looking to network so don’t be clingy! Say your piece and if it goes well, exchange you contact info with a promise to contact them later. Then move on!

If you are hosting events, specialty coffee and smoothies are a great way for you guests to feel more comfortable. If you have been invited to an event by a great business partner of yours, ask if you can bring along a mobile coffee service as a thank you for their past business.  There are many way to say thank you through coffee and smoothies! 

Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning an event or thinking about sending gifts to business partners! 

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