Business Meeting Tips – 5 Tips For Pulling Off An Efficient Business or Sales Meeting

A lot of preparation goes into planning a good meeting for your company. The following meeting tips will have coworkers singing your praises…

Arrive early

By arriving 10 to 15 minutes early means you are available to head problems off at the pass. Check the computer, make sure the caterer arrived, log on to the internet, get access to the projector, check your notes. When you know all is OK you can relax and be calm for the meeting.

Order Meeting-Friendly Drink and Food Catering

Food and drinks bring people together! To ensure that you can focus all your attention to your presentation use a reliable catering service that takes care of delivery and setup. You will want to have food that doesn’t get in the way of the meeting. Drink are key… especially coffee to keep energy levels high. Valet Coffee can supply coffee and smoothies that will be appreciated during the meeting and breaks. 

Find Your Purpose

Why are you gathering everyone together? Why is everyone here? Some of the most common topics covered are short-term and long-term sales objectives, the most recent metrics, sales competitions, and training. If you’re just going over numbers, there needs to be an action step to take away after the meeting. Every productive meeting has a purpose beyond just what you’re going to say. This is going to define your main desired outcome. It needs to be relevant to everyone in the room. 

Engage with the room

Before you hit play you should already know what you are going to say next. When you have your plan down pat you will fell free to engage everyone at the meeting. When you feel like your presentation is more like a conversation you are on the right track. Keep it as interactive as possible. Do not include too many written slides and details. That will keep your audience reading instead of chatting with you. A sales presentation without input isn’t much of a sales pitch. The same can be said for any sales meeting. You want active engagement from everyone in the room so that the energy level remains high. You also want them engaged so that they’re not just hearing the message, but processing it. Allow for discussion and encourage it.

Leave Every Meeting with Clear Action Items

Don’t you hate meetings that take up an hour of your time, and you leave without even really understanding why you met? At the end of every meeting, save five minutes to discuss next steps. Everyone should leave the sales meeting with a concrete understanding of what is going to happen next how long each step will take and what the out come will be. Decide who on their team needs to be looped in next and when you’ll reconvene. Have your calendar ready and make a plan. And make sure everyone knows — and agrees on — what’s next.

Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning your next party or other type event! 

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