6 Great Employee Appreciation Ideas To Help Keep Your Business More Productive…

While customers may be the lifeblood of a business, it takes great employees to provide customers with the level of service they need in order to remain happy and loyal. And although there was a time when some businesses thought that the rod was the best way to motivate employees, numerous studies have made it clear that the proverbial carrot is a much better motivator. Since employees who feel good about what they do on a daily basis perform much better than those who have any negative feelings towards a company, it’s important for employees to know that all their hard work is truly valued. So if you want a great way to show your employees just how much you appreciate everything they do for your business, here are some ideas that you can definitely use…

Recognize an Employee of the Month

Even though this is far from being an original idea, it’s a tried and true way to keep motivation high by showing appreciation. In addition to a monthly award, having quarterly recognition such as value awards can work really well.

Surprise Them with a Delicious Treat

A great way to let employees enjoy some fresh air on a day when the weather is nice is to book a mobile espresso and smoothie bar for outside your office. By announcing this surprise to your employees, they’ll be very excited to take a break and get something delicious to drink.

Have a Day for Dogs

Most people are very fond of their dogs. And although it would probably be a little distracting to have pets in your office every day, inviting dogs into the office on an annual basis can work very well. It works so well that there’s now an official Take Your Dog to Work Day in June.

Allow Birthdays to Be Celebrated

When it comes to birthdays, the event that takes place in the office doesn’t have to be elaborate or lengthy. However, simply ensuring that this occasion is recognized for every employee is a great way to show that members of your organization are really valued on a personal level.

Have An Employee Gift Exchange

Regardless of whether or not your business holds a Christmas party, an employee gift exchange is a great way to kick off the month of December. By having everyone get as creative as they can with $20 or less, you can create a special event everyone will enjoy.

Host a Company Picnic

One of the really nice things about hosting a company picnic on a Saturday is it gives employees a chance to spend time with each other’s families. If you want to make employees feel really special, having their family members present is the ideal time to recognize all their hard work.

Although it makes sense to only focus on one event in the near future, having this list of multiple ideas will make it easy to show your appreciation whenever you want throughout the course of the year.

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