5 Reasons Why You Need More Than Just Plain Coffee At Your Wedding

coffee-at-a-weddingYou are used to getting a great piece of cake after a wonderful wedding dinner, right? Do you want your guests to drink some dark water that passes as coffee with that wonderful cake? Why not offer your guests an espresso, a mocha, or frappe? Why not a smoothie bar? A mobile coffee bar is an inexpensive and easy solution that will get your guests talking about your wedding for a long time to come. You should provide a coffee bar at your wedding for the 5 following reasons…

Give Your Guests Something to Remember

Speciality coffee after a meal will make an impression and it’s not something you see at every Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky wedding reception! Specialty coffee is elegant and practical!

Life’s Too Short to Serve Bad Coffee

Sure, you could pass off inferior coffee to your guests but why would you want to. Specialty coffee is a great way to cap off the meal before the party starts!

Your Guest Notice the Little Details

Your friends grew up at coffee houses. They know the difference between great and mediocre coffee! Let coffee be one of the things that sets your event apart. It just so happens that a coffee bar is a very inexpensive way to stand out!

Great Coffee Sets the Tone

Wonderful meals and great drinks influence your guests behavior and their memories. You only have one wedding day so you want every one present to have a great and memorable time!

Energy for the Party

Coffee give your guest energy for the party that’s about to happen. A stimulant before most of your guests drink a couple liquor drinks or beers.  And nothing gets people talking like coffee!

Valet Coffee brings everything needed to make your coffeehouse favorites with our state of the art commercial espresso machine and Italian coffee bean grinders. In addition, we only use fair-trade, organic beans to make our delicious chocolate mochas, luscious lattes and steamy cappuccinos. Drink names can be customized to coordinate with any event!

Please keep Valet Coffee in mind when you are planning to send gifts to your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky customers and partners! 

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Valet Coffee is a full service, mobile espresso and smoothie bar. It’s a unique way to impress customers, appreciate employees and kick up any special event to the next level. Our professional baristas will bring the taste and feel of an authentic European coffee house. We do all the work, all you have to do is entertain. Valet Coffee’s mobile espresso and smoothie bars are one of Greater Cincinnati’s best marketing tools.
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